3dom - a 3D Object Modeler

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The main window with basic primitives

At the start of the program, the screen is splitted in two parts : the visualisation canvas and the scene tree. The shot also shows the base primitives available today : box, sphere, cylinder, cone, torus.

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The main window with csg operations

Constructive Solid Geometry. The shot displays the union, intersection and difference of two spheres. You can combine results of these operations together and produce complex models.

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The color selector

Choose the color of your objects. At this time, 3dom supports some basic material models. You can edit OpenGL and MGF material properties. The goal is to have custom material models for well known renderers : Persistance Of Vision, Renderman, ...

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The plugin system : Surface Of Revolution

3dom incorporates a plugin system. Bits of code can be dynamically loaded to provide on demand functionnality. The shot display the 'Surface Of Revolution' plugin. This plugin permit the edition of profiles rotated around an axis.

The developpers would like to implements extrusion, implicit surfaces, terrain modeling this way.

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The plugin system : Python Scripts

3dom incoporates a basic scripting language. It feature automatic user interface creation and parametric surfaces. Scripts are written in python.

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