3dom - a 3D Object Modeler

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What is 3dom ?

Quick description

3dom (3D Object Modeler) is a modeler distributed under the GPL.

3dom was designed to be renderer independant (ie you should be able to model scenes for POV-Ray, Renderman, VRML, MGF, <<insert your favorite renderer here>>).

3dom is a solid modeler. It can compute the intersection, the union and the difference of two objects. However, it can't model 2d primitives (triangles, planes) : the object has to occupy some volume.

The 3dom project was initiated by the computer graphics research group of the KULeuven. 3dom can use the RenderPark program to launch Global Illumination calculations (physically based rendering). Since the project is GPL, everybody can contibute to the development of 3dom.


There is also a detailed list of features.